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    This is the 24/7 resource for veterans and advocates who seek strategies, guides and courses to improve the odds of winning claims against the Department of Veterans Affairs. The guides are created and edited by award winning veterans rights attorney and journalist Benjamin Krause. Many of the strategies and materials have their genesis from Krause's experience as a disabled veteran turned journalist turned attorney.

    Krause fought the agency for over a decade to secure his proper disability rating increasing it from 10% to 100% P&T. During that time, he earned a bachelors degree from Northwestern University and later a law degree from the University of Minnesota, where he graduated magna cum laude. Both degrees were paid for by VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment. After becoming an attorney, Krause also received further support to create his veterans rights legal practice that now helps veterans sue VA.

    Krause publishes regularly on DisabledVeterans.org and he is regularly featured as a national authority on VA policy in such publications as Newsweek, The Hill, Fox News, Foreign Policy and Star Tribune, to name a few. He exposed the national TBI Scandal where VA was caught using unqualified doctors to examine veterans with TBI symptoms that led to an IG investigation. He also exposed the national Emergency Room payment scandal where VA was wrongly denying payment for veterans using non-VA emergency rooms for emergency care.

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