171204 VRE Guide
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Voc Rehab Survival Guide

This guide is a breakdown of the steps and strategies Attorney Benjamin Krause used when he fought and won his Voc Rehab benefits from VA. Do not get left without a decision to get all the benefits you deserve. Learn to fight back like an attorney.

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VA Manual Download

M28R Vocational Rehabilitation Manual Paginated

Check-out this paginated version of the download mess VR&E publishes on its WARMS website. I created a fully searchable and paginated version to help veterans better research how VR&E is supposed to adjudicate the claim.

The Lies They Tell
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Lies Voc Rehab Counselors Tell

For years, I have tracked lies Voc Rehab counselors tell veterans about their benefits. I have exposed these lies repeatedly through the press, advocacy in Capitol Hill, and on DisabledVeterans.org. Yet, Voc Rehab counselors persist in misleading veterans with impunity. Accountability be damned. Here is the truth about the top lies Chapter 31 tells us, still.

Free Videos

Facebook Group Videos

We now have over 30,000 Facebook group members. Yes, that is a lot of veterans getting Voc Rehab benefits. To help get you off the ground, here are a few videos to help get you oriented about the group and the benefit.

171204 FOIA Guide
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How To Get VA Records

One of the biggest mistakes a veteran can make when appealing a claim or evaluating malpractice is to not request a copy of their records. This quick guide will help any veteran take necessary steps to get access to their records.

Employee Fired
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About To Get Fired?

Ever felt your spidie senses telling you that your boss is about to give you the axe? There is nothing worse than being blindsided by "you're fired!" This free ebook gives you the top signs you are about to be fired... and need to protect yourself.

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