M28R Vocational Rehab Manual

VR&E has used various iterations of its M28 manual series. The program updated its manual from the M28R to the M28C you can find on the KnowVA government website.

Does that mean the old M28R is no good? Heck no.

Many of the policies in the M28C are the same as the M28R. And, the PDF download here allows you to search through the document more quickly. Just be sure you double check the M28C to be sure you are relying on the most current version of the policy. I created this 1,400+ page paginated manual for you to easily search through.

Go to current M28C VR&E live searchable website here.

The VA manual includes some helpful tips like:

How VR&E processes your applications.
Requirements for starting a business.
How VR&E must process your appeal.
Last updated April 6, 2019.
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